Tuesday, January 29, 2013

An Ode to My Dreamer

And so it began...
A little girl with a dream...
And with a mama behind her,
It would always seem 
That a smile and a wink
Could make the world go round. 
And I was ready and willing
And I would hit the ground...
Running and running
As fast as I could. 
Living the good life
Because life should be good.

But sometimes it isn't
And I want you to know
That it may take more than a wink
To make the world go.
Yes, life needs YOU
To always rise above
Anything that's below you
And absent of love.

And as you dream your
Big dream my little one 
Please wish for anything
Under the sun.

Set your sights high
And your worries low
And get your movin' on
With your to and your fro.
And reach your hands
Way up in the sky
And maybe... just maybe,
You'll learn how to fly.

Because all good things
Are wild and free
And it is up to you
Who you want to be.

But if you try and you try
And you're still on the ground,
And you feel sad and scared
And trapped all around.
Know it's ok because
This is your story too.
This is where you learn and you grow
And you finally break through.

And you'll find a way there--
To where you are going
Even if it's around and about
And with the wind blowing.

You'll land in the spot
That is just right for you--
A wink and a smile
And a little straightening too.
Then off to the next
And the next after that
Leaving the ney-sayers
Right where they're at.

So swim in the sunshine
And bask in the sea
And enjoy every second
That's meant to be.

And when you arrive at your dream,
Look it straight in the face
And be thankful it's a journey
And not a race.
Because the true gift, my dear,
Is who you've become.
My dreamer, my love....
My little one.

For it was your mama's dream...
A long time ago
To have you in my life
And you should always know...

Dreams do come true;
You remind me every day
That a wink and a smile
Can go a long way.
You are proof that dreams
Are worth fighting for.
Remember that always
And forever more.

*Dream images courtesy Pinterest. 


  1. Beautiful and just SO perfect!!

  2. This actually brought a tear to my eye... It was perfect.

  3. Beautiful, just like your daughter!

  4. This gave me goosebumps. Beautiful words!

  5. Beautiful! You are amazing, and Lilah is so precious!

    1. Thanks Roxie!! I appreciate it. Can't wait for you to meet Lilah this Spring! See you soon! Xoxo

  6. Really, really nice. Thank you!

  7. Beautifully written!

  8. I LOVE this one Les!! Had not read it until now:)
    Such an important reminder of what kind of mom I want to be!! Love you!!
    Tina :)

    1. I love you my bestie Tina! Thank you for reading and for bring the ultimate when it comes to a cheerleader. You have been so wonderful and I am just so thankful for you in my life. XOXO