About Us

The story of us... How do you even begin to sum up your life in a few paragraphs?  It is a daunting task.  I guess I will start by telling you what I think you should know.

Our life was much like a fairy-tale... we met at a young age, we were spared heartbreak growing up, our families are healthy, we have amazing parents and siblings, we had wonderful high school and college experiences, we have been lucky enough to live in a city, by the ocean and near family.  We have been able to travel and see amazing parts of the world.  We have a wonderful marriage and we have been blessed with opportunities our whole lives.  We had our first son and living on top of the world.  I suppose you could say we were use to getting what we wanted.  Spoiled, even.

Our world was rocked when for the first time, we heard devastating news that we couldn't negotiate, talk our way out of or change.  When we found out our baby girl at 33 weeks would be born with dwarfism, it was the first time in our lives where we didn't get "our way."  We quickly decided to trust God and understand that "our way" may not align with "His way" but He knows best and everything would be okay.

As a part of this journey, my husband and I have committed ourselves to serious change.  In the midst of living the high life, we forgot about the simple things, true happiness and celebrating differences.  We are learning and growing every day in the depths and corners of our character.  We are challenging ourselves to do better, to be better and make the world a better place for our children.

Thank you for finding us, following us and loving us.  I hope we have captured your heart and you allow us to settle right in.  Come along this journey with us as we spread the awareness to dwarfism and most importantly... the message of love.

Corey, Leslie, Clay & Lilah Spencer


  1. Hi Leslie,

    I love your blog! Would you be interested in writing one for Disability.gov? Please email me at kbrannigan@conceptscommunications.com and I will send you the guidelines and additional information.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Best regards,
    Kathy Brannigan

  2. Hi, my name is Hayley. I just wanted to thank you and your family so much. I have a 4 year old Daughter, 2 year old son, and just had a baby girl named Carly who has achondroplasia. Your stories have been an inspiration to us. I was very excited to see that you live in Fishers, we live in Lafayette, IN. Our email is donahuehayley@yahoo.com.

    1. Hi Hayley! It is sooooo nice to hear from you! Congrats to you guys on the new baby! So glad you have found the blog and have found inspiration! And, I am thrilled you are in Lafayette!! No way! That is awesome! I am going to e-mail you right now. XOXO

  3. Hi Leslie,
    Firstly, allow me to say how beautiful your family is. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. I am 35 weeks pregnant and found out last week that our son will be born with achondroplasia. My husband and I were floored and obviously are frantically doing our best to sort through this, and find information to our millions of questions. Thank you for your blog, your honesty about your experience has helped us comprehend how the life we thought we would have and this new direction life has taken us will still be extraordinary.
    It has been of great comfort. If you have anytime to chat or connect via email, id love to direct some questions to you if you have time.
    my email is info@bigwish.ca ,
    thanks, Regina

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