Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Total Defeat... With a Cherry on Top

That was today.  A TOTAL defeat... a beatdown, a tail-smacking, an embarrassment to the team.  The final score... children 42 me 7.  It was like I was never even in the game from the beginning and even though the final score wasn't too bad, it was never even close.

And in life, we win some and we lose some.  And I am glad I know that there is a balance.  And there is always a silver lining... if you look for it.

But today... oh today.  Coming off a night of only two hours of sleep.  (Thank you honey for taking her for two hours while I slept.)  Waking up with sand in my eyes... scratchy and so heavy.  Three timeouts before nap time.  Banging on daddy's work door.  Diapers that weren't working.  A red-faced mama carrying a temper-tantruming-two-year-old by the arm through storytime at the library also while holding a madder-than-a-hornet-sister in the other arm all while the story-teller interrupts storytime to say, "Wow.  You have two wild ones don't ya?"  Why yes, it appears I do.

And just when I put my head in my hands and wave the white flag... this happens:

Clay says, "I love you mommy," out of nowhere.  He pitter-patters down the hallway excited for his bath.  He comes over and loves all over his baby sister and says, "She's so cute."

Lilah turns off her fussiness like a switch and coos and googoogagas til her face erupts in a smile.  We snuggle as I rock her in the new rocking chair, her eyelids getting heavy, heavier... asleep.

Corey has hot cocca waiting with extra whip cream and a bath.  A bath lined in candles that's way too hot with way more bubbles than necessary... just the way I like it.

My mom calls and says she's coming from Thursday to Monday just to "bring in the reinforcements."

My sister-in-law calmly lets me know that I am a good mama and she tells me a story similar to my day.

It was... a total defeat... with a cherry on top.  And that cherry... it reminds me that even when we lose we don't ever really lose.  This family... this life... it is a privilege.  These kiddos... they are what I always wanted and then some.  These tricky days (or moments in these days to be more accurate), they make me stronger as a mama.  They make me appreciate the simple things... those moments I replay from the day in my mind before I go to bed each night.  The smiles, the giggles, the unexpected words, the new discovery... and the love.  And it is the love which overcomes any obstacle that I could ever encounter in a day.

So I will take my defeat... chalk it up to better luck next time (meaning tomorrow), laugh it off and know I got it good.  Sooooo good.  I will go to bed thankful for this smile on my face and the light in my heart.  I will hug my little ones tight and rejoice that they are here and I am called their mom.  Life is sweet and always enjoyed more... with a cherry on top.          

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