Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lilah's Monthly Pics

So, I kind of have a "thing" for traditions.  And when having children I had to bear in mind that what I do for the first one, I will have to do for all of them.  So in the name of common sense, I decided not to go gang-buster with Clay (which I easily could have) and remember that with each child, I will have less time to repeat these amazing traditions.  And so, one tradition that I do is monthly pics.  A great way to see their little personalities come out and fun for me too.   With that said... here are Lilah's monthly pictures over the last year...


  1. Such a good mommy you are! Such a precious sweetie pie she is!

  2. How many are you planning on having!?

  3. This little one has so much personality!!! She's such a beautiful babe.

  4. I'll say it again, Lesley, she is gorgeous. 8 months is my favorite, I think, those eyes!

    Love how you stick to your guns but use common sense, that is a great mama skill.